Transformers on DVD has landed

Here's what you're doing tonight. You're going to your local big box retailer and walking out with a copy of Michael Bay's CG-extravaganza that was one of last summer's coolest ways to waste a couple hours: Transformers. We've all been inundated by the ad blitz, and now the DVD and HD-DVD are in stores now, still warm and offgassing from the pressing plant. You should do your homework to make sure you get the exclusive edition you want, though. Target's got the coolest, a DVD case that actually transforms into Optimus Prime, but Wal-Mart's got the prequel bundled with the film. If you're really hardcore and you need to have both, you'll end up with two copies of the feature. Or you could just go to Best Buy and get the two action figures and be done with it.

If you're in the Hollywood area, you can actually hang out with Bumblebee as he stands guard over the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center. It's an actual prop from the movie, and we think it's a brilliant idea to send Autobots out to promote their own DVD. After all, the life of unemployed Transformer can be tough (see video after the jump). The Hollywood Bumblebee is huge, you'd need Ironhide to tow it around, but you can also enter to win a Bumblebee Camaro when the model goes live in 2009.

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