Monroe Truck offers production version of Transformers' Ironhide

Ironhide as he appears in the film, Transformers

Of all the GM rides playing Autobots in Transformers, one of the favorites around here is Ironhide (above), who rolls as a completely tricked GMC TopKick 6500 pickup truck when he's not kicking ass, taking names, and intimidating Chihuahuas as the Autobots' weapons specialist. Monroe Truck Equipment, which modifies rides like the TopKick for business owners, has partnered up with Hasbro to offer the ultimate adult Transformers toy: a near-exact Ironhide replica (minus the giant transforming robot element, of course).

Ironhide edition TopKick by Monroe Truck Ironhide buyers get twin big-rig-style smokestacks, 20" black wheels wearing massive tires in lieu of the TopKick's standard dualies, custom, powder-coated front and rear bumpers, and a monster winch up front. The only real differences we see on the Monroe Truck version are the amber running lights (Ironhide's are blue) and the non-aero (but more useful) mirrors. As for the look of horror on Prius drivers' faces when you thunder by in this thing, well, that's an intangible that you can't put a value on. Ironhide effing rules!

[Source: Inside Line]

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