Altairnano and Aerovironment demonstrate Electric Fiat Doblo

Battery developer Altairnano has teamed up with Aerovironment, Micro-Vett SPA and Go Green Holding AS to demonstrate an electrified Fiat Doblo in Oslo, Norway. The Fiat is powered by of Altairnano's 18 kWh lithium titanate battery packs and is currently undergoing a sixty-day test. During a single day it ran 186 miles and underwent three 10-minute recharges with one of Aerovironment's 480V charging systems. The Fiat Doblo is a five passenger station wagon that was converted to electric drive by Micro-Vett. The plan is to run the Doblo about 4,660 miles during the two month test. Go Green will soon be distributing Micro-Vett converted vehicles, with twenty planned for the rest of this year. If everything works out, they hope to ship another 250 vehicles in 2008.

[Source: AltairNano]

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