Chop Shop: CWW dreams up a Buick LaCrosse Wagon

Click to view a larger photo at CWW Automobile Design

CWW Automobile Design, purveyor of interesting Photochoppery, has served up a good one in the mythical Buick LaCrosse station wagon you see above. By melding an Enclave-style roofline and glass profile with the existing sedan's bodywork, an admittedly attractive family truckster is born. Hell, I've never been a big fan of the LaCrosse's styling, but the updated face is growing on me lately, and as a wagon fan and driver, I'd give something like this a long hard look. I definitely prefer this make-believe machine to the 4-door. Of course, with the unveiling of the Holden Commodore Sportwagon yesterday in Sydney, I can think of an even better idea. Buick-ize that puppy, dust off one of the old nameplates, and send it here as an Electra or Roadmaster wagon. Who's with me?

Thanks for the tip, Daniel

[Source: CWW Automobile Design]

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