Size Matters: GUNBUS motorcycle featuring 350 HP radial airplane engine

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Motorcycles are known for their high power-to-weight ratios and the crazy acceleration that goes along with that favorable figure. Most of the fastest cycles, though, force the rider into an uncomfortable position, which certain riders find unacceptable. So, what'cha gonna do if you want to go fast without being hunched over? How about building your own bike, starting with an airplane engine? That way, you'll have all the power you could ask for and can make the frame fit just the way you want it.

Take a look at this custom machine that the builder, Clemens F. Leonhardt, calls the GUNBUS. Using two cylinders from an old radial airplane engine fused to a custom crank, the 410-cubic inch (yes, that's cubic inches!) V-Twin should make about 350 horsepower. Let's just say that the rest of the bike has been appropriately "upsized" to handle all that power, including a rear wheel that nearly dwarfs a smart fortwo. With only 870 pounds to haul around, this bike will be hauling all the time! If you are crazy enough to consider riding a machine like this, contact the builder at the website by clicking the Read ling below. If you are crazy enough to ride it, he's crazy enough to make more of them.

[Source: Clemens F. Leonhardt and The Kneeslider]

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