Back in the Day: Lowrider Magazine #1

I don't get many magazine subscriptions anymore. I rely on the web for the majority of my car news and info (obviously), and I can live without the extra stuff in my mailbox. The upside is that each month, there's at least one less thing I'll end up hoarding in my ever-dwindling attic space. The downside is that there's one less hoarded periodical in a dusty box that I can pull out at random, years from now, to see what things were like way back when in '07.
Iowahawk has one of those boxes (likely several of them, in fact), and he recently pulled out the first-ever issue of Lowrider magazine. Then, because he is a very cool blogger, he scanned the cover and several pages of photos and ads from it, posting them on his eponymous website. I don't pretend to know a lot about lowriders or the car culture unique to them, but I appreciate a nicely-done car as much as anyone else, and I'm also a sucker for nostalgia. Both are on display at Iowahawk right now, where one click lets you turn back the clock 30 years and look at the humble beginnings of Lowrider "numero uno." The next time I'm in the supermarket, I'm checking to see if the subscription cards still recommend gifting the pub to "your friends in the joint." You might want to cue up the War in iTunes before hitting that "Read" link below.

[Source: Iowahawk via Instapundit]

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