Arrogant much? Dealer tells woman go back to VW, you don't deserve a BMW

According to a woman named Raquel, Brecht BMW in Escondido, Ca. may be one of those dealerships that considers customer service a necessary evil. Take note that the following story is a one-sided account, and Brecht wasn't contacted for their side of the story.

Raquel had a 48-month lease on a Bimmer during which she experienced "about 10" service visits, and she just wanted to wash her hands of the German automobile and look elsewhere. She had to turn in the vehicle on the day of her visit or she would be fined for turning it in late. Enter Brecht BMW, a certified lease return location, and not the location Raquel purchased the vehicle. When Raquel attempted to get a mileage signature from a Brecht salesman, he refused. The salesman then got a manager, who threatened to call the police as Raquel stood there dumbfound with her three children by her side. When she asked for the manager's name, he threw a business card at her. Raquel then told the manager that she got better service from a VW dealer than she has had at BMW, and the manager told her that she didn't deserve a BMW, and that she should go buy a Volkswagen. When Raquel contacted BMW North America, she was reportedly told that Brecht was a franchise, and that there was nothing BMW North America could do.

Again, remember that this is a one-sided account, but even if only half true, BMW needs to step up and make sure that its customers are better served than this. You can read Raquel's entire letter by hitting the Read button below.

[Source: Consumerist]

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