Snake Wrangler: Viper-powered Jeep on eBay

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In the great pissing contest that we call life, individuals are often forced to compromise. High-performance usually comes at the expense of off-road competence and vice versa. Every so often, however, someone will combine a little ingenuity with a dash of insanity in the hopes of having the proverbial cake and eating it, too. Often, the fruits of these labors can be found (and purchased) on eBay. Today's example is an '06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited prepared by Burnsville OffRoad (who we've covered in the past for their HEMI Jeep conversions) that's powered by an 8.3L 505-hp Viper SRT10 engine and equipped with a laundry list of serious off-road equipment. Whether dusting off opponents at the stoplight drags or covered in dust and dirt from forays into the wild, this thing's got all the bases covered, it seems. $75K and a click on "Buy it Now" puts you in the driver's seat, which sounds like a devilishly fun place to be.

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