Expedition 360: Around the world by muscle power - and nothing else

Saturday was a big day for Jason Lewis. After thirteen years, the Englishman completed a journey unlike any I have ever heard of; indeed, he was the first person in history to make the trip. What was it? To go all the way around the globe - from a point to its antipode and back - using nothing but muscle power. I'm sorry, but all the roaring exhaust gearheads and hypermilers don't come close to being as cool as this.

The trip was called Expedition 360, and used bikes, rollerblades (across the U.S.) and a special rowing boat to make it around the world. While it did take 13 years, for almost a full year (9 months) Jason was healing from an accident that broke both his legs. The trip was also not consecutive, as he did return home when his father was battling cancer and then continued on from where he left off. Still, this is a most impressive journey, and one not likely to be duplicated any time soon.

Up next, around the globe by walking and swimming. Anyone?

[Source: Expedition 360 via Treehugger]

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