Tokyo 2007 Preview: Yamaha on two-wheels - BOBBY - Part 4 of 6

The fourth of Yamaha's environmentally-friendly two-wheelers to be shown at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show is imaginatively, and simply, named BOBBY. Odd name choice aside, the idea of a fold-away little bike makes some sense, and actually has been done before, including with this electric machine from Yamaha themselves. If you're into styling which falls squarely into the "box it came in" philosophy, perhaps this diminutive machine will fit right into your Scion XB.
An interesting feature that this concept vehicle supports is the capability of starting the bike up with certain cellular phones. It's push-button starting taken to a whole new level!

So, what does this concept machine bring to the table that the EC-02 doesn't? Hmmm... I guess that depends on your priorities. Would you prefer the EC-02's iPod dock, or would you rather wow your friends by starting your BOBBY with a cell phone? We'll call it a draw!


[Source: Yamaha Motors]

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