A few months ago we showed you the BlueCar, a prototype made by French company Bolloré and today we've got two videos that provide us more information about it, albeit in French.

First of all, the car was just a prototype. So although it was designed by the creator of the Renault Espace (Philippe Guédon) and built by Pininfarina, it won't see production. If you like what you see, take not that the end of the second video says that Renault was interested in it. Boloré used the BlueCar to showcase their lithium-metal-polymer technology on which they have spent 15 years and 70 million Euros on research.

The car has very good performance figures. First of all, it's capable of reaching 135 km/h (about 85 mph) and 250 km without charging (160 miles). A full charge is completed in about 6 hours and it seats four with a decent trunk in less than 3 meters (9 feet).

Second video after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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