Lewis Hamilton cleared of wrongdoing in Japan crash

FIA stewards have decided not to penalize Hamilton for erratic driving at last weekend's F1 Grand Prix at Fuji. The stewards watched new footage of the incident taken by a fan and posted on YouTube, then deliberated for hours. Their decision stated "what has become apparent is the view clearly expressed by all drivers and team managers alike that the conditions at Fuji were exceptionally bad and worse than those experienced when the race starts behind the safety car. Because of those views, the stewards accept that it may be inappropriate to impose the penalty normally applied for an offense such as this."

Toro Rosso driver Sebastian Vettel, who was so busy watching Hamilton's driving that he crashed into the back of Red Bull driver Mark Webber, was also spared. The stewards formerly imposed a 10-position grid penalty on the 20-year-old German for the incident, but rescinded that in place of nothing more than a formal reprimand.

[Source: Daily F1]

Editor's Note: We would have embedded the video of the crash after the jump, but according to YouTube, Formula One management has deemed the amateur video copyrighted material. L-A-M-E.

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