Ten years of E10 in Minnesota. American Lung Association celebrates

Ten years ago, the state of Minesota passed legislation that requires all gasoline sold in the state to be mixed with a 10 percent ethanol blend (E10). This week, state officials and several local associations are celebrating the benefits of that decision.

Tim Gerlach, vice president for clean fuel and vehicle technology for the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest, says "Ethanol-blended gasoline was one important tool Minnesotans have used to combat [carbon monoxide pollution] and to eventually come back into attainment." Gerlach also states that despite Minnesotans driving more miles, the quality of the air has remained within federal air quality standards.

"As successful as E10 has been, higher blend ethanol fuels such as E85 may provide us greater benefits for reducing tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions as well as reducing petroleum use." Gerlach said. "We need a multi-faceted approach to keeping our air clean and healthy, including wider use of biofuels, mass transit, hybrid-electrics and simply driving and using less."


[Source: CleanAirChoice]

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