Welcome Daily Green to the Internets

The Weblogs network got a bit greener yesterday with the official launch of Green Daily, a new blog designed to cover a broader green and eco-conscientious lifestyle. I think of it as a softcore green site - it's not intended for passenger-seat-removing hypermilers, but more the carpooling SUV driver. As Kristi writes in the introduction:
"Like you, we are busy consumers. We want to do the right (green) thing. We know we can't go live off the grid somewhere; we need to find simple solutions to live green in the 21st century -- amid our grocery shopping, carpools, home and work lives, travel, meal preparation, and so on."

I'm certain Green Daily will offer something interesting to most AutoblogGreen readers (there's even a Cars and Transportation section, which could lead to some nice back and forth between Green Daily and ABG), so go ahead and check it out. Your RSS reader can always use another subscription, right?

[Source: Green Daily]

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