Chinese mall gives away Aveo to the biggest sucker

There are just so many ways to get in trouble with this post, we're going to do our best to keep it as straight as possible.

A Chinese shopping mall recently held a contest to give away a Chevy Aveo. To win, 120 contestants sucked on silicone baby bottle nipples attached to the car, with the last remaining sucker taking home the car. They couldn't touch the car with anything but their lips, and were only allowed two 10-minute breaks.

After 24 hours, six contestants remained. To winnow the field further, the finalists were told to stand only on one foot. Another three hours and 45 minutes went be before five dropped out, leaving Zhang Chunying as the mall's biggest sucker. She was so worn out by the ordeal, she had to be carried away.

Just a few days ago, we told you about Jeep's chocolate-licking contest, now we bring you sucking on a Chevy Aveo for the win? We say no thanks to both and instead will just take the buss.

More photos available at Sky News.

[Source: Sky News via Carscoop]

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