Name the upcoming Alfa Romeo "Junior"

I have already spoken about my admiration for classic Alfas, and an announcement for the upcoming new Alfa Romeo Junior, based in one of the coolest classics from the '60s, is surely good news: There's always room for a sport compact fuel-efficient vehicle in the market and this model is promised to have the small-yet-powerful turbocharged engines already found in the Grande Punto.

But what to call this car? Alfa Romeo has launched a website to name the "Junior" - and it's open to everyone. The site has been launched in six countries ( Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, France and Japan) and in partnership with six car magazines.

The rules are simple: Coming from Alfa's tradition of naming cars with trophies, women's names (cars have a feminine noun in Italian) and numbers, contestants have to find an Italian-sounding name. It's got to be dynamic, energetic and forward-looking while nodding towards young people and, of course, keeping Alfa Romeo's style in mind.

Two winners will be chosen from each country, one becoming the winner. The prizes to win are an Alfa Romeo Spider and an Alfa mountain bike. The Read link directs to the Italian site, the English is here.

[Thanks to Eduard for the tip]

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