Fifth Gear host injured while drifting A-Team van

Is it just us, or are more high profile folks having more high speed encounters with large, high density objects? Next up in the queue is Tom Ford, presenter for Fifth Gear, who crashed while drifting a van. And not just any van, but a van painted like the A-Team van, home to Hannibal, Murdock, Face, and Monsieur T.

But it wasn't the van above, which is a GMC G-Series model like the one on the show. No, it was more like the one to the right, which is someone else's Bedford Rascal van painted to look like the A-Team chariot. The Bedford normally comes with a 4-cylinder Suzuki engine, is 10 feet long, and takes ten seconds to get to 30 MPH. That's right, 30 MPH.

During his drifting maneuver, Ford put the van on two wheels and then plowed into a safety barrier. Due to a hefty amount of safety gear in the van and on his body, his only major injuries appear to be three broken toes. Crash footage will air during the next season of the show.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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