100 MPG Plug In Prius on display in Boston

The Embedded Systems Conference in Boston played host to a buildup of a 100-mpg Prius equipped with a pair of additional battery packs and plug-in facilities. If Toyota won't build a series hybrid to compete with GM's burgeoning E-Flex program, aftermarket innovators will help them along. The retrofitted Prius can drive up to 14 miles in EV mode, and if you keep your boot out of it, the developers say that the 100mpg number is attainable. The car had been previously disassembled, and the retrofit was installed live during the show.

The system design was cooked up by the California Cars Initiative and uses newly designed batteries from Nilar that reduce size, weight, and internal resistance. Nilar's developments result in a battery that's equal in power to the standard Prius battery, but about half the length. The conversion does run into the low tens of thousands, but you can make the math work if you keep the car for ten years, bringing the cost for the additional hardware down to $1,000 per year.

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[Source: Automotive Design Line]

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