How to pick the best biofuel crop to grow

The latest Renewable Energy Access "Ask The Expert" question answered by biofuels expert Jetta Wong should appeal to our more DIY-inclined readers: What Crop is Best for Manufacturing Biofuel on a Small-Scale?
The question comes from Joseph in Arizona, who's keen on growing his own biofeedstock and then making his own biofuel. Wong is obviously right to reply that there are a lot of angles to consider before turning up your field, but here overall message is that farmers should their homework and grow what fits best in their area.

Wong says that DIYers should consider what biomass sources are already available in their area and who is working with them. For farmers who want to sell their crops to biofuel producers, figuring out how the product will be transported to the biofuel production facility is key, as is understanding local laws and policies. You can read the whole thing here.

[Source: REA]

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