Anti-ethanol mood strikes small-town Kansas

There is plenty of opposition to the rapid growth of corn ethanol in the Midwest, but a lot of that opposition comes from people who look at the larger picture, and from proponents of ethanol alternatives. The communities where the plants are located are often happy to have the jobs and a place to sell corn. Not so in Shawnee County, Kansas.
In Shawnee County, a proposed $200 million, 100-million gallon ethanol plant was criticized heavily in a public hearing last week. The AP says that 150 people attended the meeting, and almost every one of the the 29 speakers voiced opposition to the plant. The locals are opposed to potential pollution from the plant, excess water use (see a similar story on the Ogalalla Aquifer) and odors. The plant is being considered by Emerald Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Cargill. Representatives from ERE told the citizens that their worries were unwarranted.

[Source: AP]

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