Ontario proposes the world's first hydrogen commuter train

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is proposing the construction of a hydrogen-powered commuter train in the Canadian province. During a visit to a factory in Thunder Bay where Montreal-based Bombardier builds passenger rail cars for the commuter GO Train, McGuinty revealed that his administration is discussing a new train with Bombardier.

McGuinty wants Bombardier to build this hydrogen-powered commuter train. As a closed service that is confined to the rails, a fueling infrastructure would not be an obstacle for the service. Bombardier had previously proposed development of such a train in Europe a few years back but never got the funding for it. Not much technical detail is given but fuel cells would seem the most likely power source since electric trains are already common-place. Using the fuel cells would allow the train to run without wires or power rails. McGuinty wants the first train launched by 2010.

[Source: Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal via EcoGeek]

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