Lotus Exige S Club Racer: New color, same shtick

Click the image above for a couple of wallpaper-worthy shots of the Club Racer Exige S.

The term "Club Racer" is usually appended to some of the most hard-core track-day weapons on the market. In the case of the Lotus Exige S Club Racer, it boils down to an exclusive paint scheme and some added interior bits.

The sky blue and "Phantom Black" exterior ties in nicely with the sports pack black wheels, and harkens back to the heyday of Mr. Chapman's racing endeavors in the '60s. Inside, the Club Racer gets a combination of black leather and carbon fiber "effect" coverings, along with an overhead shot of the Hethel circuit embroidered into the headrests.

Only 25 limited editor "Racers" will be sold, with no word on how many will make it Stateside. With a price of £39,950 for what's essentially a Sport, Touring and Super Touring package equipped Exige S with a Sports Exhaust and air-con, we could think of better ways of building up our own dream Exige.

Lotus' press release in full is posted after the jump.


Lotus Launch Limited Edition 'Club Racer'

Lotus Cars releases its latest limited edition this month - the exciting 'Club Racer' a visually distinctive
version of the Exige S.

The Club Racer represents a real value proposition, benefiting from standard upgrades as well as
featuring a number of unique additions, for a recommended retail price of £39,950.

The prominent use of the track logo on the Club Racer pays homage to its racing heritage and passion
so fundamental to the Lotus marque. The Club Racer features a sky-blue and black paint scheme
reminiscent of the 1960's racing era with which the Lotus name is synonymous.

25 limited edition Club Racers will be available from Lotus dealers nationwide with the following vehicle

• Exige S
• Sport Pack
• Touring Pack
• Super Touring Pack
• Sports Exhaust (post-registration fitment)
• Air Conditioning

Additional Components:

• Hethel track decals
• Special Edition Paint – Sky-blue (non-metallic) with Phantom Black Tri-Stripe Design
• Unique Interior Trim - Black leather and carbon fibre effect leather with colour
coded stitching

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