Toyota TRD Aurion sales suspended Down Under

Toyota just released its performance TRD Aurion, but sales have ceased while the Japanese automaker investigates a potential engine failure issue. According to Toyota, the problem with the 323 HP V6 engine is unrelated to its supercharger or high output, and that the issue is likely a one-off. Toyota has 150 demo vehicles at its dealerships, and the automaker plans on inspecting each of those vehicles over a week's time to verify that a larger issue isn't at play.

Caution is always key when customer service and safety are at risk, so Toyota is doing the right thing by thoroughly investigating the issue before continuing sales. Assuming the engine problem is no big deal, we do hope that Toyota takes this sales break to consider selling a Camry version of the TRD Aurion here in the States, as the boring midsize sedan is anything but down under.

[Source: Drive]

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