Set your TiVo: Autoblog on Autoline Detroit this Sunday!

We rarely have an opportunity to step outside anymore and see the light of day, that is unless an auto show beckons from half way around the world or we get a call from a man like John McElroy. McElroy is the host of Autoline Detroit, a panel-type TV show that features the who's who of the industry. It airs nationally every Sunday at 7AM on SPEED and locally in Motown at 10:30AM on Detroit Public Television, and this Sunday yours truly will be in the hot seat. I'll be appearing on the show with Ed Garsten from Chrysler LLC and Scott Burgess from The Detroit News to talk about "The New Journalism", i.e. blogging, and how it's affected automotive news and the industry in general.

Aside from ignoring the professional dress code on set with my blogger casual attire (I was advised not wear my only sport coat, which is corduroy and has leather patches on the sleeves), I think I held my own and will hopefully come across as the web's premiere auto blogging ninja, which is my only goal in life at the moment.

After you set your TiVo to record, come back and check Autoblog at 2PM today for another surprise collaboration between your favorite blog for auto news (that's us) and Autoline Detroit.

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