Chrysler's Jim Press speaks, we listen

It's still weird to think of Jim Press being at Chrysler LLC instead of Toyota North America. The man had been a staple at Toyota for the past 37 years or so, and we got used to seeing his face next to their logo. But now he's at Chrysler as the automaker's new co-Vice Chairman and President along with Tom LaSorda. We've all been wondering why he made the switch from the Japanese juggernaut to the smallest of the Big Three, and he answers us in this interview with Paul W. Smith on Detroit radio station 760 WJR-AM. Not surprisingly, he says the challenge at Chrysler was his motivation for leaving Toyota, which makes sense because this automaker has nowhere to go but up. Perhaps the triumvirate of Bob Nardelli, Tom LaSorda and Jim Press can make that happen. No doubt Jim Press will be rewarded handsomely for his contribution, though.

Click the Read link to hear the interview or download it.


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