It's nice to know that people read your blog, and it seems that this information can be learned at the oddest of times. Edmunds blogger and editor in chief, Karl Brauer, discovered that the police read his blog, and that the information written within Karl's sacred place of rambling was used against him in a court of law. Brauer was pulled over for speeding in Ventura County, and like any good scribe, he mentioned as much in his blog. Unfortunately, the officer is also a reader, and the policeman highlighted the damning evidence and presented it to the judge. It didn't really matter if the officer had the blog as his smoking gun, as any "good" judge will side with the police far more often than not.

In the end, Brauer lost his case and paid the fine. So how did he win? Well, Brauer was told by the officer that any time someone fights the ticket in court, the officer gets paid for overtime (a common practice in most cities) and any money from the ticket is used for court fees. In Brauer's mind, and in ours, that means when anyone fights a ticket in court, the government doesn't profit from turning police officers into revenue. We guess that's a win, except that when you go to court you still have to pay for the ticket, while at the same time you're likely losing more money by taking time off of work. At least you're sticking it to the man while also sticking it to yourself.

[Source: Edmunds]

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