The video above is a tour, at a Washington event, of a plug-in lithium-ion Prius with Alan Shedd of Jackson electric coop. The Jackson coop and CRN converted the Prius in February '07 and has logged months of driving data. Below the fold is another YouTube video all about the car's conversion and the great publicity it gets. Alan gets 30 miles in electric-only mode, which is a lot better than the 2-mile range of the normal Prius.

Toyota just started testing plug-in technology in Japan and France. Toyota's test plug-in cars only have an 8-mile range in electric-only mode. The next phase for Toyota is a 40-mile range vehicle in electric-only mode which will probably use lithium-ion batteries. Alan showed me the data logger he has in the car and talked about his experience with plug-ins. Hey Toyota, save some money on research and give Alan a call!

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