2007 hybrid sales up almost 50%

Hybrid car sales are on a roll! This is especially newsworthy considering just about every other market segment is on a downward spiral. The Midwestern states are driving the hybrid demand, with Oklahoma coming in at a staggering 143 percent increase for the first seven months of '07 as compared to '06. Hawaii is the only state which reported a drop in hybrid sales. Maybe because there aren't any hybrid convertibles? As expected, the Prius is the hybrid sales leader while Toyota's other hybrid sedan, the Camry, is scoring well also.

Last year, 254,545 hybrids were sold, and this year, the total is expected to crest 300,000 sales. More good news is that the market is expected to continue climbing. With this data, it's not surprising that other automakers are intent on introducing hybrid models of their own!

[Source: Detroit News]

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