Stupid hybrid perk: no emissions test

Hybrids have lots of perks. Many states allow hybrids to use the HOV lane when a single person is driving, park at parking meters without paying and not get ticketed, etc. I support state and local government trying to encourage the use of clean cars. Except the state of Virgina which has a very stupid hybrid perk: Code of Virginia (ยง46.2-1178.B.1.) states hybrid vehicles that get over 50 MPG are "exempted from the vehicle emissions inspection requirement." One hybrid driver even complained in a letter to his local paper of the loss of the right. Now that the new EPA mpg ratings have pushed hybrids below 50 MPG, hybrids no longer qualify for this "perk."

I don't understand the logic of exempting hybrids from emissions tests at all. Can someone explain it to me, please? Does the electric engine in the hybrid vehicle give the gas engine in the same vehicle magical powers so it cannot possibly fail an emissions test? Or maybe it's okay if the hybrid's gas engine does pollute more because the electric engine balances everything out? Why stop at emissions test exemptions Virginia? Let hybrid cars break traffic laws and drive on sidewalks! The magical electric engine will stop accidents.

[Source: Potomac News]

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