Panasonic World Solar Challenge 20th anniversary - October 21-28, 2007

Solar-powered transportation owes a great deal to the participants of races and contests such as the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Starting in 1987, this biennial event covers a 3,000-kilometer route from tropical Darwin in the Northern Territory, to cosmopolitan Adelaide in South Australia. The challenge includes not only navigating the route, but involves a great deal of strategy as well, as teams must conserve energy while maintaining consistent speed. History shows that this can be a delicate balance.

Solar cars are not the only vehicles which will be on display for the event this year. Parallel contests involving electric and other alternatively-fueled cars will take place as well. We are showing you their official website before any news or media information is available, so you've got a head-start on following the race. It should be fun!

[Source: World Solar Challenge]

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