It's official: GMC Canyon V8 option confirmed

Well, the rumor came true. Mike Levine at noticed that at the website for the '08 GMC Canyon, a V8 engine is listed as an option coming in early 2008. Mike called up the General and got confirmation that yes, a V8 is indeed coming for both 2WD and 4WD versions of the midsize pickup. They wouldn't confirm which V8 the Canyon's getting, but since that platform's already been modified to accommodate the 5.3L unit for the HUMMER H3 Alpha, it's likely to be the same one. Considering that the 5.3 does just fine in the much larger Sierra, it ought to be a hoot in the Canyon. GM hasn't put up a web page for the '08 Chevy Colorado yet, but we have to believe that whatever Canyon gets, Colorado will, too.


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