Lexus says that in Europe the Lexus RX 400h now makes up 83 percent of the overall RX sales. That means the hybrid version of the RX is outselling the regular gas version by a ratio of 4 to 1. I always assumed hybrids were always out sold if a gas version of the same car was available. Is the Camry hybrid outselling the regular Camry? Probably not. The RX is a luxury car line. The regular version costs just under $40,000 while the hybrid is a few thousand more.

The amount of improvement in mileage you get with the Lexus hybrid, when compared with other hybrids, is negligible. The higher sales of these Lexus hybrids are probably due to the fact the person buying a luxury car can pay for improved mileage and Lexus has the only luxury hybrids on the market right now. More luxury carmakers are releasing hybrids versions soon. Numbers like 83 percent of sales proved they really missed the boat on that one.

[Source: YouTube]

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