Hell hath no fury like today's eBay Find of the Day

If you're working on a '66 Chevy pickup with the hopes of getting it featured on the drag-racing reality show, PINKS, it's generally not a great idea to walk out on your significant other, leaving said project vehicle in the driveway. Chances are you're not going to be popular, and any vestiges you left behind are in danger. We don't know how far along the build was, but seriously: nothing says "FAST" like one of those foot-shaped accelerator pedals. Now it can all be yours, courtesy of eBay.

Foot pedalThe listing's full of fun, with lines like, "I don't know much about the truck since to me it is a piece of junk... All I know is that the Jerk spent hours watching "Pinks" and said this was the truck that was going to win it all out... whatever that means," and "I don't know how many miles are on it... It has a 10 on the side of it... if that helps, cash only, pick up only, I suggest a trailer, but it does run and crank, it just gets hot or something... I don't know the loser probably just couldn't drive it."

Ain't love grand? Click either photo to go bid on it. Plan on going higher than 800 bucks.

Thanks for the tip, Jamie!

[Source: eBay]

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