SEMA-bound: Heico's surf-themed Volvo C30

While Frankfurt's in full swing right now, SEMA is just around the corner in October. Heico Sportiv has been busy pumping up Volvos in anticipation of the Las Vegas event. Standing alongside Heico's E85-fueled, turbo six-powered S80 will be this spicy little C30. The smallest Volvo is also the most stylish, and Heico has tastefully added some more aggression to the exterior with a handsome bodykit. Less aggressive is the "Aloha shirt" pattern applied to said bodykit. Inside it's been given a searing swathing of orange leather with decorative Heico trims added here and there.

The style changes are self-evident, but what will get the most notice behind the wheel is the roughly 80 horsepower bump Heico's gotten out of the T5's turbo five. The rip to 100 km/h flashes by in 5.4 seconds, and you can run right up against the governed top speed of 150 miles per hour. The suspension has been lowered and tweaked with new shocks and springs, and the brakes get 4-piston calipers with the Heico logo. Barely shrouding the brakes are new Volution V Titan wheels with 19 inches of diameter, wrapped in 35-series rubber. Some will love it, some will hate it, we'd just make sure there was a lei hanging from the rearview, and a surfboard lashed to the roof.

[Source: Swedespeed]

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