Freight trains transport a LOT of corn for ethanol each year

The image above is an ad by Freight Rail Works that's trying to get the word out about how beneficial trains are for America. This is part of a series which also includes "Freight rail and the environment" and "Freight rail and highway congestion," so you can tell they've got a greenish theme going on here. You can download PDFs of these ads from the website, but let me present the text of the ad above for your reading pleasure:

From animal feed to ethanol, corn is in demand and that demand is growing. Freight railroads carry 170,000,000 tons of farm products to ports, factories and businesses across America each year, with corn accounting for half of all the grains we move. So farmers, food manufacturers and biofuel producers grow their markets. That's how freight works for ethanol...

Does this mean they got the Chicago ethanol bottleneck figured out?

[Source: Freight Rail Works]

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