Frankfurt 2007: Awaiting our inheritance, Part Deux - Aston Martin DB9 LM

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It's obvious that Aston Martin's new owners are proud of the marque's racing heritage, particularly its recent outings in both the Nürburgring and LeMans 24-hour enduros. Like the N400, the DB9 LM is a tribute to Aston's victories, but this time, it's for an outright class win in the Le Mans race this past June. More a showpiece rather than an outright racer, the LM gets a revised exterior that includes a Sarthe Silver paint job, new mesh treatments in the front grille, and red calipers. On the inside, the Tertre Rough trim may be a bit much to discerning eyes, but we're sure it'll find favor with the nouveau riche. However, the individually numbered sill plaques and LeMans-track badging bring things back to class and let all who enter understand that they're sitting in something special.

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