World's first Shelby authorized shop opens

The world's first Shelby-sanctioned third-party installer will soon open at Tasca Ford's Cranston, Rhode Island facility. Tasca has the benefit of very close relationships with both Shelby and Ford Motor Company going back many decades. The authorized mod shop was announced on August 25th, and will open this fall. The location offers a second place to buy a Super Snake, and is about as physically far away from Shelby's Las Vegas HQ as possible while staying within the bounds of the contiguous United States. Shelby packages like the aforementioned Super Snake, CS6, CS8 , and the 40th Anniversary package for the GT500 will be available at Tasca. Individual Shelby items such as engine, chassis, and body upgrades will be available as retail purchases, along with clothing and other accessories. If you take your Mustang to Tasca for your Shelby fix, it'll come away with an official installation, and a badge that denotes the work was done by Tasca.

While the east coast outpost will be more convenient for a lot of customers, it's not much of a help to hotrod Ford fans in the midwest, being about equidistant with a trip to Vegas, but you could stop at Foxwoods on the way there, and hit the Mohegan Sun on the way back if you feel that high-performance Mustangs and slot machines just go together.

[Source: Stangs Unleashed via Blue Oval News]

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