Wiesmann considering the blitz: GT might get BMW 510 hp V10

The Wiesmann GT is about to get a mad, bad engine to match its mad, bad looks. Available since inception with BMW's 362 HP V8 that gets it to the six-oh in 4.6, the niche maker from Muenster is said to be considering a variant that hides the M-edition five-liter V10. If Wiesmann didn't alter the car in any way, it would be an instant boost of 148 HP for a car that weighs quite a bit less than 3,000 pounds. That would raise its performance -- and its handling -- from 'more than adequate' to 'absolute nutter.' There's a chance the car could do its first meet-and-greet at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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