Frankfurt Preview: Saab Turbo X (turbo)charges in

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Though scheduled to debut next Tuesday at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the special edition Saab Turbo X has arrived a bit early courtesy of one particular Swede-o-phile over at Actually, only three more images have arrived, but in addition to the front teaser shot that Saab had already released, the new pics show the car from the rear, as well as its exclusive blacked-out interior.

To refresh, the Saab Turbo X will debut the automaker's new XWD all-wheel drive system from Haldex. It's capable of dividing power between the front and rear wheels, but also from side to side in the rear thanks to a new electronic slip differential. Saab's 2.8L turbocharged V6 has been worked over for duty in the Turbo X and now produces 280 hp, up from 255, and 295 ft-lbs. of torque. Trollhattan reports that it will be good for a 5.7 second sprint to 62 mph, which makes it one of the fastest Saabs we've ever heard of.

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The gofastedness of the Saab Turbo X will be backed up by a jet black paint job that harkens back to the "Black Turbos" of old from Saab. The XWD system will be twisting a set of particularly handsome 19-inch wheels, though North American customers will be limited to 18-inchers for some reason. Finally, a new front bumper with larger air intake, rear deck lid and dual exhausts round out the exterior treatment.

Only 2,000 Turbo X models will be produced worldwide, though they will be available as both a sedan and Sport Combi wagon. We expect more official images to be waiting for us when we touch down in Frankfurt, and we'll fill up our camera with live shots of Saab Turbo X for you, as well.

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