Volkswagen launching diesel offensive

Volkswagen has long been a proponent of diesel engines and they are accelerating those efforts. Starting early in 2008 the company will launch new diesel engines in the US market using the CleanTDI branding. The first models available will be the Jetta Sportwagen and sedan which will be fifty-state legal and Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant. The new diesel four cylinder will have an output of 140hp and meet all the standards without urea injection. The Touareg will also get a CleanTDI V-6 but that one will require urea injection.

Overseas, VW has a range of TDI engines that already meet the 2009 Euro-5 emissions standards. The big Phaeton sedan gets a 233hp 3.0L V-6 while the new Tiguan crossover gets a pair of four cylinders with 140hp and 170hp. By next year, Volkswagen will have nine BlueMotion models in their lineup including six that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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07 September 2007

- USA 2008: Golf Variant, Jetta and Touareg will meet the world's strictest emissions standards with CleanTDI

- Technology leader: Common Rail TDI in the Tiguan and Phaeton fulfill the Euro 5 standard already today

- Europe 2007: BlueMotion range being continually developed – six new BlueMotion models at the IAA

Wolfsburg, Germany - Volkswagen is expanding its range of clean and economical TDI models worldwide. In the USA, for example, the first CleanTDI will be launched in 2008 in the Golf Variant and Jetta. The high end diesel has been specially developed for the USA and has been designed to also meet emissions regulations in California – the strictest in the world. In Europe Volkswagen is introducing not one but six new BlueMotion models at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt. Two of the world's most modern TDI are also making their debut in the new

Tiguan. They fulfill, as the Phaeton V6 TDI already does, the Euro 5 emissions standard which doesn't come into force for another two years.

In spring 2008 Volkswagen will launch one of the world's cleanest diesel engines – the CleanTDI – in the USA. The new Common Rail engine is capable of 103 kW / 140 hp and will celebrate its premiere in the Jetta, America's most successful diesel vehicle. The new Golf will also be launched as CleanTDI on the American market in 2000. Background: California and the four states of Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Maine have the strictest emissions values in the USA. The new Jetta CleanTDI and the Golf Variant CleanTDI will be able to fulfill these values as two of the first diesel vehicles.

To be able to meet these strict US standards, Volkswagen has also developed two emissions purification systems especially for the USA. The so-called NOx storage catalytic converter is in the Jetta and Golf Variant CleanTDI. A key element here is a considerable reduction in nitrogen oxides which Volkswagen achieves with measures inside the engine and new converter technologies. Result: up to 90 per cent less nitrogen oxides (NOx).

For the larger and heavier model series, there is the so-called SCR catalytic converter (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction). This will also make its debut, still in 2008, in the Touareg. A liquid called AdBlue which is in an additional tank plays a key role here. This is continually injected via a dosing valve in front of the SCR catalytic converter into the exhaust tract. NOx values decrease significantly also here – by up to 90%.

Euro 5 emissions standard: Volkswagen TDIs are miles ahead

Innovative TDIs have been defining Europe's roads for many years. In the latest generation Phaeton which has just been unveiled, there is a 171 kW / 233 hp powerful V6 TDI with Common Rail injection which meets, already now, the Euro 5 standard which doesn't come into force until 2009. Volkswagen is also presenting two more of these Euro 5 TDI at the IAA: the new, four-cylinder Common Rail engines with 103 KW / 140 hp and 125 kW / 170 hp will make their debut in the Tiguan.

BlueMotion fleet: nine extremely economical models by 2008

In addition to this, Volkswagen will also present the next stage of the BlueMotion offensive at the IAA. Not one but six new models with economical and equally environmentally friendly technology will be unveiled in Frankfurt. A highlight here: the Golf BlueMotion (77 kW / 105 hp). With only 4.5 liters diesel for 100 kilometers, fuel consumption is reduced by a generous 0.6 liters as are CO2 emissions which go down from 135 g/km to 119 g/km. The German market launch of the Golf BlueMotion is planned for the end of the year. Already on the market are the Polo BlueMotion (consumption: 3.8 liters) as well as the Passat and Passat Variant BlueMotion (consumption: 5.1 and. 5.2 liters).

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