Turkey makes sports cars? Say hello to the Etox Zafer I

Turkish camaker Etox has developed a new model called the Zafer I that it hopes will enter production next year. Still in the prototyping phase, the creators of the Etox Zafer hope to eventually build up to 500 units a year but plan a more modest run of just 20 cars/year initially. Looking similar to cars built by the UK's TVR, the Zafer was designed over a period of six months and this latest prototype involved the work of over 46 engineers.

The story behind the Zafer is not too dissimilar a tale from Ferruccio Lamborghini starting his own sports car label after being insulted by Enzo Ferrari. In the case of the Etox, its founder Ercan MalkoƧ set about building his own car company after being denied the chance to examine a Lamborghini up close.

When, and if, it finally enters production, the Zafer will be available with a trio of engine options starting with a 125-hp 1.5L diesel engine, followed by 220-hp diesel 3.0L V6 and a 272-hp petrol 3.0L for a flagship model.

[Source: EtoxZafer.com via Winding Road]

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