Time tackles 50 worst cars of all time

One of the staples of the magazine business is generating lists. There are lists of sexiest, richest, overrated, upcoming and more. Time magazine is no stranger to such lists and their latest effort is a list of Top 50 Worst cars of all time. They obviously put some thought into this one having come up with fifty members of the list as opposed to the usual top ten.

The list features most of the obvious suspects like the Pontiac Aztek, the AMC Pacer and the legendary East German Trabant. The list also includes some much more obscure models like the 1899 Horsey Horseless pictured above. There are some real surprises on the list too. Who would expect to find the Model T on a list of worst cars ever? Or that environmental icon, the GM EV-1?

Even if you don't agree, they actually provide some decent rationales for choosing these cars. As popular as the Model T was, it wasn't very sophisticated even for it's time. There is also the issue of the societal and environmental costs that have come along with mass adoption of cars.

Thanks to all who tipped in.

[Source: Time]

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