Sat nav leads driver and four rescue vehicles into the mud

England. Jolly Old. Coventry, to be exact. There resides a seriously bored driver going by the handle vennuth. Vennuth willfully ignored the cardinal rule of using nav systems: use your own judgement! It's always amusing when the navigation system gets confused and directs you up your neighbor's driveway when you're really trying to reach the Raccoon Lodge. Most of us would just chuckle at the idea of driving our vehicle up a path marked "Not Suitable For Motor Vehicles" despite the nav system urging us on. Not vennuth.

Vennuth's a member of the forum, so we were quite relieved to see it was a Renault van he managed to mire up to its hubs. The funny part comes when his amusing recounting notes how his ex gets more and more "narky," he gets increasingly thirsty, and several successive rescue teams also become stuck. What should have been a simple tug-out turns into a 14-hour ordeal that ends with a lowly tractor succeeding where an ex-military Bedford wrecker failed. In proper fashion, there was a pub at the end of the unfit road, so it ended well.

Thanks for the tip, Leon!

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