New York buses to turn stop lights green

In a pilot program starting the end of September, 300 Staten Island buses will be given transmitters that let them change traffic lights green. Okay, not instantly green, that would probably not be very safe. The transmitters turns the lights green seconds earlier and keeps it green longer if it's already green. It's not all lights. Just 14 lights with the receivers on a 2.3 miles stretch of the bus route. Buses in other New York boroughs will get them over the next five years.

The system is called MIRT or Mobile Infra Red Transmitter. It's used by emergency vehicles like ambulances and police to get through traffic easier in an emergency. The advantage for buses could be better fuel economy because they would not need to stop and idle as much. You can make your own stop light remote control but if you are caught, there is a maximum fine of $10,000 or 6 months in jail.

[Source: EcoGeek]

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