Gumball may be headed to North Korea

After this year's snafus, the Gumball 3000 has come out with an ethos and a route for 2008 that is positively loaded for bear. The party on wheels is moving to the Far East via the American West. Not only is it going to have shorter stages to help reduce accidents, it's going to showcase alternative energies and be entirely carbon neutral, which includes factoring emissions from transport planes.

What's more, after kicking off in San Diego, LA, and Vegas, it's going to jump across the water to Shanghai. While the cars hang out in China, the entrants will be escorted to Pyongyang, North Korea, to see the "Mass Games" in a gold-plated stadium as guests of fearless leader Kim Jong Il. That's right, badass cars, badass parties, and badass dictators in one great big bang of a rally. After that, drivers will return to China to continue their opulent capitalist lives.

Oh, and you can be one of the lucky 100 entrants for the ridiculously low price of $120,000. Operators are standing by. We're all for supercars, parties, and high-speed runs (but not on public streets). However, we're starting to think that the whole Gumball thing is getting a little, um, bizarre.

[Source: Polizei 144]

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