Bricklin shooting for the Automotive X-Prize: Will it have gull-wings?

Click to enlarge the 1/4 scale model of the EXV-LS

Depending on whether you bought a Subaru or a Yugo, Malcolm Bricklin is either the phoenix who keeps rising from the ashes or the roach you just can't seem to stamp out. Either way, he's back and this time his Visionary Vehicles has shifted from an abortive attempt to import Chery cars from China to a developer of high mileage series hybrids. Bricklin plans to have a full line of 100+ mpg vehicles with an initial on-sale date in 2010.

To get things kicked off, the first model will be entered in the Automotive X-Prize competition. For those who haven't been paying attention, the Auto X-Prize will offer a multi-million dollar purse to a team that can build a production viable and affordable car that seats at least four and can exceed 100 mpg (gasoline equivalent). The key there is viability and affordability. No single seater science projects here. Competitors have to demonstrate a business plan in addition to an actual working car. Bricklin plans to start off with an S-Class sized luxury sedan propelled by a series hybrid drivetrain including a lithium battery. Electric range is targeted at 40-50 miles and price at $35,000. Good luck.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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