Camaro may get direct-injection V8

The Chevy small block V8 has been around in one form or another longer than many current GM engineers have been alive, but continuous updates continue to keep the venerable powerplant relevant. GM is currently developing the world's first overhead valve Direct Injection engine, giving the 6.2L test engine big gains in horsepower and torque while bumping fuel economy from 3% to 6%.The 6.2L currently pumps out up to 403HP without DI in the Escallade, but Dave Sczomak, development engineer-GM Powertrain Advanced Engineering, says the technology will bump power to "well over 450HP."

Perhaps even more exciting is the possibility that the anxiously awaited Camaro may receive a variant of the engine. The mere thought of the ultra-sexy Camaro packing over 450HP without added boost could make us want to have a smoke. While we're hoping the Camaro gets the DI engine, the halo status of the Corvette makes the two-seater a shoo-in for the improved engine. That would give the base 'Vette nearly 500HP, and it boggles the mind to imagine the output of a Z06/SS/Blue Devil.

Editor's Note: There's no reason to believe GM wouldn't drop the DI V8 in both Corvette and Camaro. Back in December, a source we spoke to who was familiar with Camaro powertrain discussions told us that there was a faction pushing for seriously big power in the Camaro. When we asked exactly how big, the individual smiled and held up five fingers. We'll learn how that pans out in due course. Then in January at NAIAS, Ed Peper specifically told us that there were no concerns with having Camaro step on Corvette, power-wise, as the two cars have such different market positioning -- sports car vs. muscle car. Plus, the ZR1 ensures that there will be a Corvette with power that greatly exceeds that of Camaro anyway. No matter how things play out, there's good reason to expect some real excitement.

[Source: Motive Magazine via GM Inside News]

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