BMW 1-Series coupe Euro-pricing slips, foretells U.S. MSRP?

While it's impossible to accurately judge the cost of vehicles in the U.S. based off pricing in Europe, Autocar gives us a brief glimpse of what to expect. According to the Brit website, the diesel-equipped models will span the financial spectrum between £21,585 for the 175 HP 120d to £26,290 for the 201 HP M-Sport 123d. Since we'll probably see none of the oil-burners here in the States, the one figure that stood out to us was £29,745. That's the price in pounds for the M-Sport equipped 135i.

Using some creative math, £29,745 is just under $60,000 U.S. at current exchange rates – far from what we'll pay when the 135i makes its way across the pond. For comparison, the 335i in the U.K. comes in at £31,550, or about $63,500 in U.S. dollars (again, at today's exchange rate). So if the base 335i here in the United States comes in at $38,900, then would it be safe to assume that the 135i should be under $35k? And if so, is that too close to the 3-series pricing to make it worthwhile? Our answer: Maybe. Although we bristle with excitement at the prospect of a small(ish) vehicle with a 300 HP twin-turbo'd straight-six, such a small pricing discrepancy might cause us to upgrade. What say you?

[Source: Autocar]

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