Get your Swerve on: Free Transformer when you buy an Aveo

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Autobot Swerve Meet Swerve, lamest of the Autobots! Oh, sure, he looks pretty tough in 'bot mode, ready to dish the pain to the Decepticons, but man, it must suck to be him when he's a robot in disguise. While the rest of his posse rolls around playing dress-up as the new Camaro, a trick-looking TopKick, and other generally appealing machinery, Swerve transforms into an... Aveo. God, the humiliation. He should scan the next Corvette he sees and get out of those frumpy duds, ASAP.

According to Transformers fansite, this particular version of Autobot Swerve is part of a GM promotion and is limited to 2,000 pieces. To get one, you apparently need to buy a new Aveo, which is asking a lot of even the most ardent TF collector. Fortunately, for them, there's eBay, but beware: Aveobot Swerve's bringing in quite the pretty penny.

Thanks to Alex T for the tip!


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