VW says Adios! to Auburn Hills - move to D.C. confirmed

The workforce exodus in Southeast Michigan is slated to continue, as Volkswagen's North American headquarters is officially heading over to Washington D.C. VW currently employs 1,500 workers in Auburn Hills, just a stone's throw away from Chrysler's epicenter. The move to D.C. comes as VW has lost about $2 billion in North America in 2005 and 2006. Past headquarter moves, like Nissan's shift from California to Tennessee, have helped pare-down a company's white collar workforce, and VW feels its workforce is bloated and in need of fresh blood.

While it's unfortunate for Michigan to lose yet another large employer, the move promises to be a big win for the D.C. area. It'll be tough for VW to improve its bottom line, however, with the Euro worth so much more than the Dollar at the moment. Perhaps a view of the White House and Lincoln Memorial will motivate the new VW North America workforce to keep making great products, but with price tags that are a bit closer to the competition.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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